Besan or Gram flour is made from ground chickpea popularly known as Bengal gram. The chickpeas are graded, treated with oil & water for conditioning, de-husked and split into halves. Then it is cleaned to remove pebbles, broken grains, coloured dals and other impurities. Cleaned dals are sundried to remove excessive water content as 12-14% moisture is optimal. Finally the dals are ground into fine flour. Besan is the main ingredient for a lot of Indian savouries and sweets. It is also used as thickening agent in curries.

BesanBenefits of Besan

  1. An anti-microbial property of Besan makes it a natural cleanser for all skin types.
  2. Helps in treating acne, remove oiliness and tan, exfoliates dead skin
  3. Lowers cholesterol and improves heart health
  4. Iron content in Besan is good to treat anaemia and prevents fatigue
  5. Strengthens Bones and improves brain health.