Atta is Indian whole wheat flour, comprising all parts of the wheat grain. In olden days, fresh atta was ground at home using a stone grinder known as Chakki. Chakki fresh atta has high fibre and gluten content. It is typically used to make flatbreads like chapati, roti, puri or paratha. The cold grinding process helps in preserving the nutrients in the flour.

Chakki Fresh AttaBenefits of Chakki Fresh Atta

  1. Vitamin B, present in wheat bran helps in metabolism and having a strong nervous system.
  2. Iron content helps to fight against anaemia and fatigue
  3. As a fibrous food, chakki fresh atta helps in maintaining the digestive system.
  4. It supports in weight management by providing satiety.
  5. It regulates blood pressure and helps in smooth functioning of the heart.