Maida is refined wheat flour. Maida is made from the endosperm, the starchy part of wheat. Milled flour is passed through a fine-mesh sieve for refinement. Originally yellowish in colour, wheat flour is treated with atmospheric oxygen to oxidize the surfaces and make it appear whiter. This treatment allows development of gluten in maida.

MaidaGluten is a family of proteins found in wheat grains. Gluten is well-known for its glueing property, brings elasticity to the food and makes it chewy. 

Uses of Maida

  1. Maida is the basic raw material for bakery products. Gluten is responsible for the rising of bread, sponginess of cakes.
  2. Most of the Indian traditional sweets use maida as a prime ingredient.
  3. Maida is the raw material for gluten extraction plants. Extracted gluten is used in the preparation of vegan meats, cosmetics industry etc.