Significance of Indian Wheat flour (Chakki Fresh)


Wheat is the most nutritional, largely traded and grown cereal in the world. It is expected that the wheat flour demand will continue to grow. Wheat based foods can be taken as a main course dish or a refreshing snacks.

Wheat is considered as one of the top 10 value crops in the world. Wheat exports market size is USD 39 bn in 2017 according to Trade map. Many countries have wheat as part of their staple diet. This is due to the fact of shifting in eating patterns from high carbohydrate diet to a healthier high fibre alternative diet especially among young working adult population.

India is second largest producer of wheat in the world next to China. Indian wheat has its unique characteristics because of the soil nature, irrigation type and milling process. Indian wheat flour called as Atta, is considered to be best for making flat bread.  Flat bread is considered to be healthiest option with adequate supply of necessary nutrients. Some of the flat breads made with wheat flour are Chapatti, roti, Naan, Roti Chanai (Malaysia), Roshi (Maldives), Gözleme (Italy), Pissaladière (French), Pita (Middle East and Greek), Piadina (Italy),  Barbari bread (Iran), Bazlama (Turkey), Bing (China) etc

According to Journal of the Saudi Society of Agricultural science, Protein quality and composition, wet and dry gluten content present in wheat flour, water absorption capacity of whole-wheat flour play a role in overall acceptability of flat bread. Wheat flour with medium protein content is preferred for optimum chewiness and lesser tearing resistance in flat bread.

India is the net exporter of wheat flour. The main destinations of Indian wheat flour are United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Australia, United Kingdom, Qatar, Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Kuwait. Most potential Exports destination for Indian wheat flour are Afghanistan, Philippines, Hong Kong, Angola, North Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Iraq, Sudan, Viet Nam, Kenya, Zimbabwe.

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